Dukeries' handmade dummies
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Handmade, individually manufactured and designed leashes, pipe bands & dummies..........a few examples:

Personalized basic leashes

Basic Ameleya Britannia
Basic Aven Midland Rose
Velvet....the queen
Simply... Sparkle
Hunter & dogs

Shoulder leashes 3-way adjustable and 3-in-1 combination leashes



Vorführleine 'I love Clumber'

Pipe- and Clicker bands
more pictures soon.....

Ropes, beads, stoppers, charms & decorative sleeves
Pictures soon.....



Umhängeleine 3-fach verstellbar mit Zierhülse 'Hunter'
Umhängeleine 3 in 1 mit Holz-und Hornperlen
Farben & Perlenbeispiele



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