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Our dogs are - even we are not hunters - physically and mentally according to their natural abilities demanded ....... and not from time to time, but regularly. The standard states: "The Clumber should be firm, fit and capable of a day’s work in the field." ........ and that is very important to us. For our puppies, we wish ** "working homes" id est fanciers of the English working lines ........ families who take delight in common activities with the dog ....... with interest in the natural abilitiess of the Clumber Spaniel and the corresponding exercises and activity .... a home where a Clumber can show it's mettle.....
Simply people who - like us - love these satisfied, "laughing" dog faces.

By the way: Exercise and mental work, a species-appropriate activity that is fun for the dog (and the owner), can - just like positive reinforcement.... - increase the level of the "happiness hormone" serotonin in the body, which is responsible for serenity, contentment and stability for the dog.

Because a Clumber is more than a decorative accessory on the sofa, and his favorite pastimes are not just eating and sleeping......just as little as "digging", he just does it when he is bored .... when its physical and mental abilities are not demanded.

Not without reason that this breed belongs to the "Sporting dogs", to FCI Group 8:"Retrieviers, flushing- and water dogs"

We do not give any of our puppies to commercial breeders!

In our breeding, we pay special attention to health (quality of life and life expectancy), the breed-specific characteristics and Trainability (a characteristic proven by numerous studies with the highest heritability) - A behavioral complex in which the pure working lines achieve particularly good values. More about in: Why.... IV

**It is also important here that these skills, which have been inherited over generations maternal and paternal sides, must continuesly to be fostered by a stimulating environment in order to use this "learning advantage" permanently.

In addition to routine health tests designed to reduce / prevent diseases that primarily affect quality of life, we also focus on life expectancy when selecting matings. Life expectancy is mostly reduced by diseases that cannot (yet) be detected with genetic testing (such as cancer and internal diseases). Therefore, we look very closely at the family background and prefer dogs whose siblings, ancestors and their descendants often have reached an above average age for the breed .... or. who are still healthy and active into old age.

We strictly disapprove exaggerated breed characteristics - such as brows and forehead wrinkles that narrow the view and the eyes, long and too heavy ears and excessive weight (fat instead of muscles).

The subject of beauty - As we all know....of course beauty is relative and lies in the eye of the beholder: Indeed obtaining beauty championships is not an issue on our agenda, but we also attach importance to a harmonious, breed-specific appearance.

The standard, which has undergone some positive changes in recent years, in favor of work ability, health and well-being, has not been a hurdle for our "working type" Clumber until now. However, I must confess that personally for me ....no dog on the Show Parquet could embody "beauty". No, I associate this term more with a totally muddy dog at the "work" .....whose charisma, gaze and posture - a natural, inner beauty - you just can find in a dog who is proud to show its abilities ....for what its heart beats

Aven - Dukeries' Clumber Spaniel
// Incidentally: Because the silky fur has a kind of self-cleaning effect, also after muddy adventures a bubble bath is not absolutely needed - dry, brush out, done! Or why not simply go for a swim on the way home or rinse off with clear water. The skin, the coat and last but not least the sensitive nose will be grateful, if you only use foam baths if really necessary.//

At least we hope to make a small contribution that this marvellous old (working) breed, which, along with its abilities, has been underestimated and misunderstood for a long time - and often even today - regains the respect it deserves.

"The man who owns a good dog of this breed....possesses a treasure!" (Robert Leighton, 1910)


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