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Especially we are pleased that Aven also stays in the "family".... because so we can watch her development. She is in appearance as well as in character a complete other type than Sparkle. And also on the subject "working" she goes other ways....her absolute strenght is the search. Retrieving she does well, but clearly she favours the flushing and the tracking. Indeed Aven is bigger than Sparkle, ......a little more stronger, but just as muscular and suprised (people who dont know the working breed lines) with her speed and stamina..... And of course she is jumping and climbing - like all in the family - at any given opportunity.

Aven is a very steadfast, confident bitch - as solid as a rock - and in a very positiv way absolutely "incorruptible"
and independent. :-)

Not only to my mind she combines physical working capacity, hunting abilities and beauty.

Her development and the health tests completely met our expectations!

 lemon/white  HD x-ray:
 A2 no evidence of HD
 22 kg    ED x-ray:
 0 no evidence of ED
 45/46 cm  PDP1; PRA-cord1:
 (hereditarily) Clear; N/N
 complete scissor bite  Eyes: PRA/KAT/Entropion/Ectropion
 Clear (DOK 2017, 2019, 2022)
 Breed suitability without limitations
 Pedigree, Health- & Workingtests Sire: 
Diseases excluded by genetic tests: EIC & PRA-cord1 (Mutation RPGRIP1)


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