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Slinkett Velvet

In our minds it was clear that Clumbers without good reason are thought to be inactive, ....especially when they are
from a „working line“. Also because of, we were living together for nearly a decade with a half Clumber bitch
and more than 30 years experience with English gundogs, when Velvet came to us.
Nevertheless ......

Velvet’s energy, speed and agility, so as the easiness she is making a standing jump, lets us marvel again and again. She is an artist with the ball even big hunting dogs nearly have no chance in a ball game with her. Like most of the Clumbers she loves collecting things and building nests. She likes to have her favorite toys around her and mostly she carries two or three with her. When she storage them she shows certain kinds of rules to place them. Here the pleasure of the Clumber Spaniels to retrieve reveals. Also the high intelligence which is attributed to the Clumber Spaniels, she often is proving. She certainly has an own will - just a dog with character - but the obstinacy she is told, has better to be explained as time they claims to optimize and to complete the order in the best sense –in a kind of "effort-benefit-analysis".

Like some other gundog breeds also the Clumber has the ability to work on his own and these cognitive abilities are shown with pleasure daily.Their hereditary factors can’t be hidden on the walks….she is a flushing dog „par excellence“ and working with the dummy makes great pleasure to her …. retrieving seems to run in her blood…and her eagerness to bring started tasks to an end shows impressively why the the Clumber`s way of working in GB & Scandinavia is so appreciated. Little Velvet is a very affectionate, total cuddly young lady, who has always fascinated friends & acquaintances as well as some passersby and twists them around her paw. Also those who neeeeever thought to become a fan of this breed.

Health Test Results Clumber Spaniel

 lemon/white  HD x-ray:
 A2 no evidence of HD
 22/23 kg    HD x-ray:
 0/2 (BVA-Scheme)
 44/45 cm  ED x-ray:
 0 no evidence of ED
 complete scissor bite  PDP1:
 (hereditarily) Clear
 Breed suitability without limitations
 Eye examinations:
 Clear (DOK 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017)
Diseases excluded by genetic tests: EIC & PRA-cord1 (Mutation RPGRIP1)


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Clumber Spaniel Slinkett Velvet