Probably the diseases in dogs, which are now paid attention and tested most often ....... but unfortunately good HD, and ED results are still not everywhere prerequisite for breeding.

Basically, the results of siblings & family of the "breeding dogs" should also be included. There always can be somewhat worse results for individual siblings, because all causes are still unexplained and, in addition to genetic predisposition, nutrition and - depending on which study one refers to - "too much, too little or wrong " - movement are called, which influence the healthy development of the musculoskeletal system.

BUT: If the majority of the dogs of a litter has bad results, then you can certainly assume a family disposition. (you can find the link of the databases of the Kennel Clubs)

For us, it is very important to get X-rays only when our Clumber are really adult (2.5 - 3.5 years). The risk of slightly worse findings, we are willing to accept - but these findings are possibly more relevant. As for the discussion on the quantity & type of movement, we share the view: "Sufficient and regular exercise", because a good musculature supports the locomotor system.

After the X-ray, the pictures will be sent by the veterinarian and forwarded to the responsible external reviewer of the GRSK.

Example findings form:

You would like to inform you about the health test results of the ancestors of the puppy of your choice? ... ..and you should, too!

If the ancestors are from abroad, you possibly may find it in the databases of the Kennelclubs.

All you need is the full name of the dog, kennel name or studbook number. And with just a few clicks, you can also get access to the results of the health tests of its parents, siblings and their offspring. Very helpful to get an idea about the health status in the line, about diseases that are more common ..... about a possible family disposition for certain diseases and of course also IF? and WHICH? Tests were ever made. Because not in all breeding clubs all breed specific health tests are also obligatory .... resp. there are exceptions to this duty.

Here you can find the databases:

KC - (Kennel Club United Kingdom)
Database - all breeds:
SKK - (Schwedischer Kennel Klub)

Database - all breeds:

Clumber Spaniel -
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AKC - (Amerikanischer Kennel Club)

Database - all breeds:

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