Usually only the results of PRA & Cataract are published in the clubs.

For which other diseases is the dog being examined?

An example certificate of eye examination:

You would like to inform you about the health test results of the ancestors of the puppy of your choice? ... ..and you should, too!

In the pedigree of the puppy are HD-, ED-, eye test results, etc. of the ancestors usually registered, if they comply with the official requirements ...... If this is not the case, for example, if the ancestors are from abroad, you possibly may find it in the databases of the Kennelclubs.

All you need is the full name of the dog, kennel name or studbook number. And with just a few clicks, you can also get access to the results of the health tests of its parents, siblings and their offspring. Very helpful to get an idea about the health status in the line, about diseases that are more common ..... about a possible family disposition for certain diseases and of course also IF? and WHICH? Tests were ever made. Because not in all breeding clubs all breed specific health tests are also obligatory .... resp. there are exceptions to this duty.

Here you can find the databases:

KC - (Kennel Club United Kingdom)
Database - all breeds:
SKK - (Schwedischer Kennel Klub)

Database - all breeds:

Clumber Spaniel -
Search with Kennelname:

AKC - (Amerikanischer Kennel Club)

Database - all breeds:

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