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12th of June 2020 - Tick prophylaxis without "chemicals"
Since there is an above-average number of ticks this year and the "chemical cosh" should only be used in an emergency, because you haven't a good feeling - with a group of Clumber girlies who like to dote over and clean each other .... who are in close contact with each other, with us and our cats - with the active ingredients in "Spot on" compounds - especially during pregnancy. So we looked for alternatives again.

Because of the lauric acid it contains, coconut oil is said to have a deterrent effect on ticks, which has also been proven in some studies. Possibly an alternative ??? .... We just had to test it. So…..
- we bought organic coconut oil (with the highest possible lauric acid content)
- and before the morning walk: coconut oil warmed in the hands and spread in the fur of the girls. It was recommended to massage it daily into the fur for 1 week, then 1-2 times a week.

At least, .... the girlies smelled like "coconut flakes"!

After the walk, we found fewer ticks in the fur already on the first day, of course this also could be a coincidence… .or because of the weather.
So we kept the morning ritual as recommended.

Our summary:

The ticks actually became fewer - BUT:
- our girlies' silky hair - especially after swimming - and the "self-cleaning effect" suffered.
another problem was:
- the girls ingested this fat in a relatively large amount every day when cleaning their fur, which cannot be digestible in the long run. Coconut oil itself has very healthy ingredients and is well digigestable for the dog, but here too - as with all feed additives- the following applies: "The amount is important!"

Well, also natural products don't work without side effects - too bad!

Now we massage the coconut oil to the fur only in very small amounts from time to time ... at the most vulnerable points. In dry weather we do without certain routes....and comb out the fur with an extra fine comb after the walk.

So our "Clumber coconut flakes" have gotten through quite well so far and we could refrain from chemicals this year until now ....and by the way we use the good properties of coconut oil. It has an antibacterial effect, fights fungi and viruses, has a preventive effect against worms and strengthens the immune system. The fatty acids contained also act against microorganisms that can promote joint diseases.
















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Health & Care
Tick prophylaxis without "chemicals" - 12th of June 2020
















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Tick prophylaxis without "chemicals" - 12th of June 2020


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